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We are here to help brands and retailers increase sales.
Our solutions are built to help consumers purchase branded products from retailers in the easiest, fastest way possible.

1. GROW SALES: We designed Brandleap to help brands and retailers grow sales.

2. LEVERAGE RETAILER STRENGTHS: We help brands grow their sales by utilizing the fulfillment power of their retail partners.

3. POWER CONVERSIONS: We bring easy to use online and storefront fulfillment solutions to brand websites

4. BUY FROM ANYWHERE: We give brands the power to directly sell retail offerings from a brand website, online advertisement, and social media.

5. OPTIMIZE THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: We give brands the power to harness and control the customer experience; including pricing, preferred retailers, products offered, and relevant promotions.

6. GAIN CUSTOMER INSIGHT: We provide brands an easier way to understand, engage, track, and measure customer activity and ROI.

7. STRENGTHEN RETAIL AND BRAND EFFORTS: We help retailers generate more sales, gain more insight, increase store traffic, and strengthen brand support.