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Retailers have proven that fulfillment options drive sales. Retailers have made investments in capabilities such as it was Ship from Store, Buy Online and Pickup In Store (BOPIS), and most recently capabilities that enable curbside pickup and same day delivery and with each innovation retailers have seen sizable increases in web sales.

The correlation between added fulfillment choices, and sales increases is simple, consumers want options! Recently, Garner (Garner, Take Three Steps to Convert), found that 65% of consumers prefer buying from a physical store for various reasons from promotional pricing to streamlining a shopping trip. Similarly, a KPMG 2017 study found that 97% online consumers consider price, preferred retailers, and fulfillment options when making a purchase decision.

What if brand websites could do the same, what if a brand could unlock the potential of their retailers by tapping into retailer’s fulfillment capability?

What if brand ecommerce managers could offer their web shoppers a curated assortment of ONLY their brand’s merchandise from retailers and offer Store Pickup, Scheduled Home Delivery, and retailer expedited ship from store?

And to do so without losing traffic from the brand site, and without cannibalizing their direct sales? To show the consumer only the brands products, and eliminate the possibility that the consumer sees a competitor’s product, or see product from a retailer breaking MAP pricing restrictions.

Doing so would be nothing short of an ecommerce revolution.


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