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Brandleap eCommerce service helping CPG brands, and brick & mortar grocery

AUSTIN, TexasJune 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Austin, Texas-based startup Brandleap aims to help Brands and Retailers compete and ride this wave of disruption as consumers turn to the internet to acquire grocery products.  Brandleap takes an innovative approach to retail commerce. Brandleap allows brands to promote and sell their products through their website while passing the sale to their retail partners. This distributed eCommerce "marketplace" experience empowers brands to increase sales and better track conversion from their website, while at the same time enabling retailers to sell brand name products across myriad brand sites.  Brandleap's service lives on a brand's website and significantly increases sales conversions by providing consumers the ability to purchase products from retailers at the moment they are most passionate about the product.  By streamlining the connection between consumers, brands, and retailers, Brandleap greatly simplifies the process of discovering, and purchasing products. 

The purchase of Whole Foods for $13.7 billion dollars by Amazon last week should send shudders through retail markets as the internet behemoth sets its sites to dominate online and retail groceries.

Given Amazon's impact on traditional retail over the past 20 years, there should be no doubt that the combination of Amazon Fresh, and Whole Foods will disrupt grocery, and significantly impact how consumers discover and purchase new and existing brand name products, said James Arth, CEO of Brandleap  – an online ecommerce company.

"These companies that have been sitting on the sidelines need to move quickly now to build scalable relationships with customer online as well as in the store," Arth said. "Keeping in mind they have channel conflict to deal with that Amazon, does not."

"Our goal is to help brands better connect with their consumer base, and increase their sales, while at the same time benefiting their grocery partners by providing higher online sales, and a new source of store traffic," says Arth.  "Brandleap's unique retail locator and ecommerce service enables a brands existing web traffic to search for products in their local market, choose a retailer, and purchase without leaving the brand site.   This means that traditional grocery and consumer packaged goods brands which typically do not sell direct to consumer can now does so by leveraging their existing grocery retailer's fulfillment capability."

Brandleap started its business by focusing on consumer electronics. Brandleap partnered with some of the largest brands, and retailers in that sector.  Brandleap has managed to provide an astounding amount of new in store traffic. Nearly 70% of all purchases through Brandleap are placed online and later picked up in store. "Many of our partners leverage our capability to provide a omni-channel experience from their website where they provide a direct to consumer ecommerce service which is augmented by Brandleap's buy online and pickup in store," says Arth.

As every retailer knows, fulfillment options drive sales.  Consumers want their purchases delivered or available for pickup when they want it, and when it is convenient for them.  For this reason, Brandleap allows consumers to choose between buying online and picking up in store, or buying online and having product delivered.

Brandleap is harnessing their success in Consumer Electronics and drive their growth into the Consumer Packaged Good market, and are ready to service the needs of consumer brands and traditional brick and mortar retailers everywhere.

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