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Distributed marketplace and retail locator extends business to help support international brands, and Canadian retailers, and north American consumers.

Austin, Texas based marketplace Brandleap today launched in Canada with a service that allows Brands to leverage the fulfillment capability of their Retail partners to complete sales in Canada. Brandleap has expanded its brand controlled marketplace, and retail locator to Canada making it easier for Canadians to locate, and purchase the products from their favorite retailers without leaving the brand website. The Canadian introduction marks the first availability of Brandleap service outside the United States.

Streamlining Brand Direct to Consumer Sales
Brandleap enables brands to service the estimated 80% of consumers that research product purchases on a brand site but ultimately make their purchase from a retailer. This distributed ecommerce “marketplace” experience empowers brands to increase sales and better track conversion from their website. Brandleap’s service lives on a brand’s website and significantly increases sales conversions by providing consumers the ability to purchase products from retailers at the moment they are most passionate about the product. By streamlining the connection between consumers, brands, and retailers, Brandleap greatly simplifies the process of discovering, and purchasing products.

‘Many large brands fulfill direct to Canadian consumer ecommerce purchases made on their websites from warehouses in the United States, doing so results in long shipping times and burden of customs. Some Brands quote delivery from their Canadian web stores of up to two weeks for a product that could be sourced from a local retailer more quickly and conveniently. By enabling Brands to fulfill direct to consumer sales via their existing Canadian retailers Brands and Retailers win’, said James Arth, CEO of Brandleap.

Helping Brands & Retailers Sell More
These days ecommerce is more about speed of fulfillment than simply being able to place an order. As every retailer knows, fulfillment options help drive sales. Consumers want their purchases delivered or available for pickup when they want it, and when it is convenient for them. For this reason, Brandleap allows consumers to choose between buying online and picking up in store, or buying online and having product delivered. Brandleap provides their brands easy to implement fulfillment capabilities on their website enabling the consumer that wants a product immediately to locate and purchase the product without leaving the brand’s website.

“Brands spend an exorbitant amount of their marketing budget driving traffic to their website in hopes that consumers convert. Most brands utilize rudimentary product locators that are nothing more than a list of retailers that assort the product, while others don’t even provide consumers with a list. In doing so, brands are hoping that when a consumer leaves their website they end up walk into a store, or shop online they choose their product. Unfortunately, the data shows this almost never happens. Our mission is to flip the script and help brands, and retailers sell more by making it easy for consumers to purchase products from a retailer at the brand’s website.” says Arth. “Proof of this can be seen in our 83% BOPIS rate (Buy Online Pickup In-Store).”
By enabling purchases from a brand website, Brandleap offers retailers higher brand sales, a method for acquiring new consumers, access to new consumer profiles, and a new source of store traffic via Brandleap’s high store pickup rates. “With our launch in Canada, we plan to bring new sales, consumers, and foot traffic to Canadian retailers as well”, says Arth.

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