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Brandleap Capabilities

We provide a flexible cloud based service which helps grow both direct to consumer and channel sales, as well as increase marketing Return On Ad Spend. Whether used on a brand website, within digital advertisements, social media, targeted landing pages or an automated marketing solution Brandleap enables direct to consumer and retailer eCommerce where ever a consumer should be interacting digitally with a brand. Reducing the number of clicks to purchase and enabling consumers to locate and purchase their desired products from their preferred retailer results in higher conversions, and sales.

Brandleap's unique brand controlled marketplace combines a Store Locator with a powerful eCommerce service together they bring a rich set of features, and new marketing capabilities in service of brands.

Store Locator:
Intuitive store locator offers consumers a detailed map of local and online retailers. Provides consumer insight into retailer product inventory, and more.

Retail Shopping Cart:
Our clean and intuitive shopping cart allows consumers to easily place their orders with the retailer of their choice.
Less clicks = Less eCommerce friction. Less eCommerce Friction = More sales.

Retail Marketplace:
Customers can order products from your selected resellers without driving them from your site.
Brand controls which retailers shown, and provided ability to enable pricing policies.

eCommerce Service:
We give brands the power to directly sell retail offerings from their website. Bringing direct to consumer eCommerce to industries that have not e.g. CPG, Major Appliance

Customizable Interface:
Brands can easily customize their consumer experience by choosing which service elements are shown to consumer. Consumer reviews, default fulfillment type, logos, product images, pricing, and description are all easily defined.

In-Store Pickup:
We compliment a brand’s own direct to consumer eCommerce service with a easy to implement storefront fulfillment solution providing a solution for consumers with an immediate need.

Automatic Address Detection
Help consumers on the move find the store nearest them with automatic address location via GPS and IP address detection

Consumer Ratings and Reviews
Fact, consumer ratings influence online sales. Brandleap integrates with major retailers to show their customers product ratings and reviews.

Retail Inventory:
Brandleap pulls real-time retailer inventory data via API so consumers can buy with confidence.

Shopping Analytics:
Track consumer journey from locating store through product purchase while growing your CRM.

CRM Management:
Capture valuable consumer insights and download data for use within CRM system.

Channel Management:
We give brands the power to harness and control the customer experience; including pricing, preferred retailers, products offered, and relevant promotions.

Mitigate Channel Conflict:
Brandleap’s simplicity allows us to service large and small retailers alike. The typical retailer can be selling on Brandleap in about 90 minutes.

Channel Product Liquidator:
Retailer overstocks generally result in returns or rebates, Brandleap enables brands to leverage their existing web traffic to sell these products.

Leverage Retail Fulfillment Capabilities:
Retailers have optimized fulfillment; store pickup, ship from store, scheduled home delivery, same day delivery. Grow your sales by leveraging your retailers fulfillment.

Capitalize on Channel Promotions:
Retailers discounts, and bundles can be leveraged to grow your sales. This is optional of course and can be negated by the pricing protection capability built into Brandleap.

No Competition:
Traditional store locator service redirect traffic to the retailer for purchase. Once on the retailer site the consumer is presented with a host of competitor products that other consumers looked at or bought. Brandleap keeps consumers on the brand website ensuring that no competitive products are shown.

Retail API connect:
Brandleap connects with brick and mortar retail via API so that we can provide consumers up to the second story inventory and product pricing information

Manage data via spreadsheet:
Brands and dealers can simply manage their product assortment, pricing, and availability by updating a spreadsheet

Custom category shopping:
Provide consumers ability to shop by individual UPC or search by a category such as by product size, color, or style. Great of apparel, and grocery products.

Responsive design:
Mobile first consumer experience design is at the core of our service.

Coupons and special promotions:
Enable dealers to offer special pricing and discounts, and control when those programs are exposed to the consumer.

The launch of Brandleap Canada is our first step toward supporting global commerce.