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Retail New Year’s Resolution: Grow web sales, acquire new customers, and find a source of new store traffic.

Traditional logic states that to grow web sales, acquire new customers, and drive new store foot traffic a retailer needs to: increase web store traffic (usually through more online advertising), increase product promotions and discounts, and offer additional benefits to stop in the store. Greatly simplified these are the traditional levers.

Let’s flip the script for a moment, and consider that the brands that retailers sell in their stores possess tremendous value when it comes to driving retail sales. In the Deloitte study, Navigating the new digital divide May 2015, estimated that 80% of consumers interact with a brand digitally prior to arriving at a retail store.   This stands to reason, its common place for shoppers to start searching online for a product making stops at a brand site, and several retailer sites before purchasing their desired product. All while the consumer searches the web for their desired product retailers dole out for PPC advertising, offer product promotions and discounts, and if they are lucky to attract the consumer to their website offer up free delivery or store pickup…. And the cycle continues.

What if there was a way for retailers to capture consumers when they are most likely to buy, without the additional PPC advertising?

What if retailers could call out their brand assortment, and store available on brand web sites?

What if retailers didn’t have to discount their products to attract new customers?

What if retailers saw 83% of sales from a brand web site resulting in store traffic (Buy Online and Picked Up In Store)?

Doing so would be nothing short of a retail revolution. Right?

This is available today from Brandleap. for more details.

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